How to Become a Roulette Master

Roulette MasterRoulette is the ultimate game of chance, with 37 different outcomes possible on any roll of the wheel – so how do you master the game that requires no skill?

The truth is that there is no fool-proof strategy when it comes to placing your bets at the roulette table, but you can forge a strategy that puts you in the best position possible.

With all of our Fun Casino hire packages, our friendly and experienced croupiers will be on hand to talk you through the rules of the game, never going faster than you are comfortable with. They will also be able to offer helpful advice on the best course of action to take, to help you get a feel for the game and ensure that you enjoy the Vegas experience.

Knowing the Outcomes

The ball can land in any of 37 different spots on the wheel, ranging between 0-36. The only way in which a player can win on 0 is by staking on the single number, as this is not included in any of the grouped bets, which are:

  • Odd numbers
  • Even numbers
  • A number between 1-18
  • A number between 19-36
  • First twelve (1-12)
  • Second twelve (13-24)
  • Third twelve (25-36)

Many experienced players elect to stand and watch for a period of time to get a feel for how the ball is dropping. There is no actual science to this, other than knowing the form of the wheel which can change at any time. While hedging your bets is the safe option, betting on any single number offers appealing odds with a high payout that, if hit once, can make your night.

Speak to our Croupiers

There is no need to feel shy when it comes to asking any questions to our croupiers at our Fun Casino events, as our friendly team are experienced in talking through complete beginners in all of our games. As professionals, our croupiers can offer advice on good moves and not so good moves, helping you to understand the game and maximise the enjoyment factor.

As you are only playing for fun, do not be afraid to ask your fellow players, especially if there are experienced guests around the table.

Fun Casino Hire

The most important part of any of our events is that guests have fun and come away with a positive experience.

If you are interested in our Fun Casino hire packages in Scotland, please call the team on 0141 259 0100 or email today.

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