Working on Your Poker Face

poker-faceWhether you are an experienced pro around the table or are just getting started, working on your poker face is an essential part of the game. Your eyes can tell more than your mouth ever could, so it is important that you don’t give away tell-tale signs.

At our Fun Casino party events, everyone plays for fun and our experienced croupiers will always be on hand to guide newbies through each game, ensuring a pleasant experience for all. As our events are all in the name of fun, it gives players a chance to work on their poker face.

Don’t let your opponents know when you possess a strong hand, and learn how to keep them in the dark when you are bluffing.


The first step to perfecting your poker face is to relax. Remember, poker is just a game and, first and foremost, the main objective is to have fun. Poker is not so much a card game as it is a mind game, and staying in control and hiding your reaction is power.

If you can keep your emotions to yourself, nobody will be able to tell what you are thinking and will be wary of second guessing your next move. At our Fun Casino events, our experienced team will help you to perfect your poker face.

Eye Contact

Social sciences play a huge role in poker, and one aspect of this is to maintain eye contact to portray confidence. Maintained eye contact reflects that you have nothing to hide, which is why this features in a lot of interview tips as skirting away from eye contact gives off an element of distrust.

You should not turn your game of poker into a staring contest, so make sure to blink occasionally, but not too much, as this is a tell-tale sign of nervousness. Remain calm and relaxed throughout, but remember to keep concentration, otherwise, you risk missing an opportunity or an important play.

Playing for Fun with Fun Casino Hire

With our hire package, we provide a range of casino favourites along with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our croupiers ensure that everyone is having a good time and play at the pace of the players, taking them through each step of the game.

As part of the Fun Casino package, Texas Hold ‘Em and Casino Stud Poker are included, offering players variety in the type of poker that they play.

If you are looking for a Fun Casino experience in Scotland, please call contact us today to enquire about the services that we can provide.

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