Why A Casino Theme Party is No Gamble

casino-partyAny party can be made better with a theme. It gives everyone an idea of what to expect and depending on the theme, can provide a sense of real excitement. A casino theme party is a great example of this. Unique and fun, it can be a great way to get all your guests talking and mixing together.

There are various games to play at casino parties, each one different from the last yet all equally as fun. It might sound like a strange idea, but there are many reasons to go with a casino theme party.

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Why Not have a Monte Carlo Themed Wedding?

wedding-casinoIf you have gotten engaged over the holidays – congratulations! Now the fun can really begin as you start to plan your big day. Picking a theme can really help you out when it comes to planning, and it can really help you set a tone for the entire day.

Almost every wedding has a theme these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for something a little different! Kilts are a typical Scottish tradition but why not give your guests something different to go with this tradition, something a little out of the box with a Monte Carlo Casino theme?

Monte Carlo means you can really go all out in terms of décor and entertainment and add a really fun element to your evening proceedings. Casino hire for weddings is bang on trend right now, too, so this would tie in well with the theme!

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See the New Year in with Style

happy-new-yearWith most Christmas events already being planned and finalised, it may be time to start thinking about the New Year and beginning 2018 on a high.

Your clients will all have had a well-deserved break and are back and ready for a fresh new year. Therefore, a great networking idea as a supplier would be to ensure that they (and any potential future clients) have your company and brand at the forefront of their minds for 2018.

Many companies opt to send cards, hampers, chocolates and event invites to clients around Christmas time, so this is your cue to be different and appeal to them in the New Year and beyond.   Read More

Have Fun for a Good Cause this Christmas

casino-christmas-eventThere is something about giving and helping others that provides us with a sense of self-satisfaction and that warm glow of happiness inside. There are numerous different ways we can give in order to help those less fortunate than ourselves such as donating towards a good cause, sponsoring a campaign, volunteering our time or even setting up a fundraising event.

And what better way to set up a fundraiser than with something that people can thoroughly enjoy? You could set up a casino theme party as a fundraising event for all your staff! Whilst this is largely about raising funds and contributing towards a good cause, it also goes a long way to bringing your employees together as part of an enjoyable team building experience, too.

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Fun Casino Themed Stag Parties

stag-nightHave you been appointed as the best man for your friend or family member’s wedding? If so, that means you are in charge of the stag do, and we all know that is one of the most important parts about getting married!

The best stag dos are remembered and spoken about for years to come, so no pressure! If you want to organise something a little different, why not throw a casino theme party for the groom with all of the favourites such as roulette, poker and blackjack? It’s the stag party that every best man should strive for!

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Throw a Party with a Difference in Scotland

partyWhatever occasion you are celebrating, make it extra special with casino hire in Scotland, guaranteeing that your event will be the best possible event. With our team of excellent professionals, it will almost be as if your guests have walked through a door right into the heart of Las Vegas.

Every party needs something significant, that special feature that sets it apart from all the others and keeps your guests talking about it in the weeks and months after the event. Anyone can hire a room and a DJ on a Friday or Saturday night, but who can say that their event featured professional poker and roulette tables?

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Transform Your Christmas Party with Casino Hire in Scotland

christmas-partyThe primary purpose of any celebration is to have fun, lots of it and, as far as parties go, many people will agree that there is nothing quite like the adrenalin experience had at the casino.

There are countless games for everyone to try their hand at and numerous events for all to join; all with an aim to ensure participants leave on an incredible high. So if you are looking to arrange a corporate event for your team this Christmas then consider casino hire in Scotland, and we give you three great reasons why.

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Can’t Get Married in Vegas? We Bring Vegas to You…

las-vegasThere is just something extraordinary about getting married in Las Vegas, isn’t there? When you think about all of the famous individuals and celebrities who chose to declare their wedding vows in Las Vegas, the names Frank Sinatra, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore immediately come to mind. Even Mickey Rooney chose to get married in Las Vegas…twice.

The very notion of getting married in Las Vegas, however, appears to be pretty contradictory to the general sacredness and tranquillity that is usually associated with marriage. But on the other hand, it is a haven of wealth and glamour where people smoothly work their way around the myriad of games and spectacular performances, each night. But whatever the case may be, there is just something rather special about the weddings in Las Vegas – perhaps it is the grandeur or perhaps it’s just the sheer thrill of it all?

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Celebrate your Hen Party with a Casino

hen-partyWho wouldn’t love to celebrate their hen party in Vegas? Partying in the casino capital of the world, amidst all the glitz and glamour sounds like the ultimate hen party plan. Although a great idea,  however, it’s not something the bridal party can always afford. But don’t let that stop you from having the Las Vegas bash your bride deserves!

Throw a casino theme hen party and celebrate in true Vegas style without having to leave the country! Here at Fun Casino Hire Scotland, we can help you achieve this – as we believe that everyone should experience a Vegas night at least once!

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Bring Vegas to your Engagement Party with Fun Casino Hire

engagement-partyHave you just popped the question? Looking for something different to mark the occasion? Why not give your engagement party the Vegas treatment, courtesy of Fun Casino Hire in Scotland?

Celebrating an engagement is the perfect excuse for you to gather your closest friends and family together.

Although not as formal as a wedding party, many couples put a lot of thought into planning their engagement party. After all, it’s a momentous occasion for the happy couple!

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Casino Hire for Corporate Events in Scotland

corporate-eventAre your colleagues tired of doing the same old activity for your team building events? If so, then why not throw a casino theme party to bring the team together in a new and exciting way?

Team building events should be something that the team look forward to, not dread, and enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere away from the usual pressures of the workplace. At Fun Casino, we specialise in providing fun and exciting corporate events in Scotland, complete with professional croupiers and games.

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Working on Your Poker Face

poker-faceWhether you are an experienced pro around the table or are just getting started, working on your poker face is an essential part of the game. Your eyes can tell more than your mouth ever could, so it is important that you don’t give away tell-tale signs.

At our Fun Casino party events, everyone plays for fun and our experienced croupiers will always be on hand to guide newbies through each game, ensuring a pleasant experience for all. As our events are all in the name of fun, it gives players a chance to work on their poker face.

Don’t let your opponents know when you possess a strong hand, and learn how to keep them in the dark when you are bluffing.

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