Why Not have a Monte Carlo Themed Wedding?

wedding-casinoIf you have gotten engaged over the holidays – congratulations! Now the fun can really begin as you start to plan your big day. Picking a theme can really help you out when it comes to planning, and it can really help you set a tone for the entire day.

Almost every wedding has a theme these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for something a little different! Kilts are a typical Scottish tradition but why not give your guests something different to go with this tradition, something a little out of the box with a Monte Carlo Casino theme?

Monte Carlo means you can really go all out in terms of décor and entertainment and add a really fun element to your evening proceedings. Casino hire for weddings is bang on trend right now, too, so this would tie in well with the theme!

Introducing Monte Carlo into Your Wedding


Adding light to your day can really bring your theme to life. There are different ways to achieve this but for your big day, adding bright and lavish lights can really bring a piece of Monte Carlo to life here in Scotland.

The colour scheme is easily decided with this theme – opting for opulence and luxe with blacks, deep purples, golds and silvers. To really bring your theme to life, introduce these colours into your table and room décor. Smaller details like casino chip favours really would add a personal touch for your guests, too.


It wouldn’t be a Monte Carlo casino theme without all the casino games you know and love. Not only do they add to your theme, but it can also be a lot of fun for guests, too.

Although Scotland isn’t known for its casinos, make sure that your wedding is and add some great games that everyone can play. You could even have separate areas in the room for the games – with an area for card game tables like Blackjack where people can sit and get involved in a fame and then have an area for your table games like a Roulette table.


Everyone loves to get dressed up for a wedding as it is, so why not request a black tie look for your Monte Carlo wedding? You can keep the Scottish traditions with kilts, sporrans and even bagpipes as they merge easily with cocktail dresses and tuxedos. Your guests will a real connection with your big day, making the day all the more memorable.

This is a great theme idea for anyone who wants to stray from the expected. For more information on the casino hire for wedding packages we have, please click here.

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